Fat Dissolve - Injection


About the procedure

Welcome to NSO Lab Wellness Center, where innovation meets aesthetic enhancement. Introducing our cutting-edge Fat Dissolve Injection utilizing the revolutionary Lemon Bottle product—a scientifically advanced solution designed to reshape and contour the body with precision.

Treatment Mechanism:
Our Fat Dissolve Injection with Lemon Bottle product employs a specialized formulation to target localized fat deposits. The active ingredients work to break down adipose tissue, facilitating its natural elimination from the body. This non-surgical approach provides a subtle and natural-looking contour, enhancing your body's silhouette.

Ideal Candidate:
This treatment is ideal for individuals seeking a non-invasive method to address stubborn fat pockets resistant to diet and exercise. Suitable candidates are those with localized fat deposits who are in good overall health and have realistic expectations for body sculpting results.

Procedure Overview:
The procedure begins with a thorough consultation to assess candidacy and understand your aesthetic goals. A skilled practitioner administers the Fat Dissolve Injection with precision, targeting specific areas of concern. The Lemon Bottle product is carefully applied to facilitate the breakdown of fat cells, supporting a gradual and controlled reduction in volume.

Duration and Longevity:
The treatment duration varies based on the areas being addressed but typically ranges from 30 to 60 minutes. Results are often noticeable within a few weeks as the body naturally metabolizes the targeted fat. The longevity of the results is influenced by individual lifestyle factors, including diet and exercise, but many clients experience enduring improvements in body contour.

Post-Treatment Care:
Following the procedure, minimal downtime is expected, allowing you to resume normal activities promptly. Our expert team provides comprehensive post-treatment care instructions, ensuring a comfortable recovery and optimal results.

At NSO Lab Wellness Center, our commitment to professional excellence is reflected in the efficacy of our Fat Dissolve Injection using the Lemon Bottle product. Experience a refined approach to body sculpting, tailored to your unique contours. Consult with our experts to embark on a journey towards a more sculpted and confident you.

Before & After


Treatment Area


Robert K. - Effortless Arm Toning

For those stubborn areas like my arms, NSO Lab Wellness Center's Needle Injection with Lemon Bottle was a game-changer. The targeted approach not only dissolved excess fat but also sculpted and toned my arms. The results are natural-looking, and the procedure was surprisingly quick and efficient. Highly recommended for anyone looking to refine specific areas!

Alexis L. - Enhanced Chin Definition

I sought NSO Lab Wellness Center for chin enhancement, and the Needle Injection with Lemon Bottle delivered exceptional results. The precise application created a more refined and enhanced chin profile. The treatment was virtually painless, and the expertise of the NSO Lab team made the entire experience comfortable and satisfying

Olivia R. - Streamlined Thighs and Confidence Boost

  • NSO Lab Wellness Center's Needle Injection with Lemon Bottle worked wonders on my thighs. The targeted treatment not only reduced unwanted fat but also sculpted and streamlined the area. The results were noticeable within weeks, and the confidence boost I've gained is truly priceless. Grateful for this personalized and effective solution!

Michael D. - Jawline Refinement Success

I wanted a subtle enhancement for my jawline, and NSO Lab Wellness Center's Needle Injection with Lemon Bottle exceeded my expectations. The tailored approach precisely addressed the contours, resulting in a more defined and chiseled jawline. The professional care and skillful execution at NSO Lab truly set them apart.

Maria G. - Sculpting Confidence with Abdominal Contouring

After opting for NSO Lab Wellness Center's Needle Injection with Lemon Bottle for abdominal sculpting, I'm amazed by the results! The targeted approach not only dissolved stubborn fat but also sculpted my midsection beautifully. The precision of the treatment has given me newfound confidence, and I can't thank NSO Lab enough for this transformative experience.