Lash Extensions


About the procedure

Welcome to NSO Lab Wellness Center, where we redefine beauty with our exceptional Lash Extension services. Our skilled technicians employ various methods to enhance and elevate your natural lashes, providing you with stunning, long-lasting results.

Treatment Mechanism:

Lash Extensions involve the meticulous application of individual synthetic or natural fibers onto each natural eyelash. Our range of methods includes classic extensions, hybrid extensions (a blend of classic and volume techniques), and volume extensions (multiple lightweight extensions applied to one natural lash). The extensions are carefully selected to match your desired length, thickness, and curl, creating a customized and natural-looking enhancement.

Ideal Candidate:

Lash Extensions are suitable for individuals seeking to add volume, length, and definition to their lashes without the need for mascara or strip lashes. Candidates include those with healthy natural lashes, free from eye conditions, allergies, or sensitivities. A personalized consultation helps determine the most suitable method based on individual preferences and eye shape.

Procedure Overview:

The procedure begins with a comprehensive consultation to understand your aesthetic goals and preferences. Our experienced technicians then carefully isolate each natural lash and apply individual extensions using professional-grade adhesive. The process is relaxing, and clients often enjoy a brief nap during the application.

Duration and Longevity:

The duration of a Lash Extension session varies depending on the method chosen and the desired outcome. On average, the process takes between 2 hours for the first procedure and 30/60 minutes for filling in. With proper care, including regular touch-ups every 2-4 weeks, Lash Extensions can last indefinitely. The extensions shed naturally with the growth cycle of your lashes, ensuring a seamless and continuous enhancement.

Post-Treatment Care:

Following the procedure, it's essential to avoid water, steam, and oil-based products for the first 24-48 hours to allow the adhesive to cure properly. Gentle cleansing and brushing with a mascara wand are recommended for maintenance. Our technicians provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure the longevity and health of your Lash Extensions.

Indulge in the allure of captivating eyes with NSO Lab Wellness Center's Lash Extension services. Our commitment to professionalism and precision ensures a transformative experience that enhances your natural beauty. Schedule a consultation today to discover the artistry of customized lash enhancement tailored to you.

Before & After


Camila J. - Natural Beauty Enhanced

As a man, I was initially hesitant about lash extensions, but NSO Lab Wellness Center's Classic Lash Extensions provided a subtle enhancement that looks completely natural. The team's understanding of my desired aesthetic and the meticulous application process made me feel comfortable and confident. NSO Lab truly caters to diverse preferences with their lash extension services.

Isabella T. - Lash Perfection for Every Occasion

NSO Lab Wellness Center has become my go-to for Lash Extensions, offering a range of styles to suit every occasion. From the understated Classic for daily elegance to the bold Volume for special events, each application has been flawless. The longevity of the extensions is impressive, making NSO Lab my trusted destination for lash perfection.

Daniela K. - Volume Marvel

I opted for Volume Lash Extensions at NSO Lab Wellness Center, seeking a dramatic yet natural look. The multiple lightweight extensions per natural lash created a stunning volume that exceeded my expectations. The meticulous application process showcased the professionalism and skill of the NSO Lab team. I've received endless compliments on my voluminous lashes!

Alexandra R. - Hybrid Bliss

The Hybrid Lash Extensions at NSO Lab Wellness Center are a game-changer! The blend of classic and volume techniques resulted in a perfect balance of thickness and definition. The personalized approach ensured my lashes complimented my unique features. I feel effortlessly glamorous, and I'm grateful for the expertise and artistry of NSO Lab's technicians.

Sophie M. - Classic Elegance

After experiencing the Classic Lash Extensions at NSO Lab Wellness Center, I am enamored with the timeless elegance they bring to my eyes. The individual lashes were meticulously applied, creating a natural yet enhanced look. NSO Lab's attention to detail and skilled technicians made the entire experience a delight. I'm now a devoted fan of their lash extension services!