Nano- Microneedling


About the procedure

Welcome to NSO Lab Wellness Center, where we introduce an advanced fusion of innovation and precision in our Nano and Microneedling treatment. This cutting-edge procedure combines the benefits of nanotechnology with the proven efficacy of microneedling to deliver transformative results in skin rejuvenation.

Treatment Mechanism:

Nano and Microneedling work synergistically to enhance the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. Nano-needles, much finer than traditional microneedles, create microchannels in the epidermis, allowing for targeted delivery of potent serums and rejuvenating solutions. Simultaneously, traditional microneedles stimulate the skin's natural healing response, promoting collagen production, and improving overall skin texture.

Ideal Candidate:

This treatment is ideal for individuals seeking a comprehensive solution to address multiple skin concerns, including fine lines, uneven texture, and dullness. Candidates include those looking for a non-invasive option for skin revitalization and enhanced absorption of therapeutic agents. A personalized consultation with our experts ensures suitability and customization of the treatment plan based on individual skin needs.

Procedure Overview:

The treatment begins with a thorough skin analysis to identify specific concerns and tailor the approach accordingly. A specialized device is then used, featuring both nano and microneedles, to create microchannels and stimulate collagen production. During the procedure, customized serums and solutions are applied, maximizing their absorption for optimal skin rejuvenation.

Duration and Longevity:

A single session of Nano and Microneedling typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the areas treated and individual needs. While immediate improvements may be visible, a series of treatments is often recommended for sustained results. The longevity of results varies but is generally long-lasting, contributing to improved skin texture, tone, and radiance.

Before & After


Olivia S. - Delicate Decolletage Transformation

I entrusted NSO Lab Wellness Center for Nano and Microneedling to address signs of aging on my décolletage. The treatment visibly improved skin texture and reduced lines. The gentle yet effective approach showcased NSO Lab's commitment to providing transformative solutions for every aspect of skincare. A definite go-to for comprehensive rejuvenation!

Ethan K. - Scalp Revitalization Success

My experience with Nano and Microneedling at NSO Lab Wellness Center extended beyond facial rejuvenation. I sought treatment for hair revitalization, and the results were impressive. The nanotechnology and microneedling combination stimulated my scalp, promoting healthier hair growth. NSO Lab's versatility in addressing various concerns sets them apart.

Isabella W. - Neck Elegance Restored

For neck rejuvenation, Nano and Microneedling at NSO Lab Wellness Center delivered exceptional results. The treatment addressed sagging skin and fine lines with finesse. NSO Lab's approach to combining cutting-edge technologies provided me with a more elegant and refined neck profile. Highly recommended for those seeking comprehensive skincare solutions.

Ryan M. - Handsome Jawline Definition

I opted for Nano and Microneedling at NSO Lab Wellness Center to enhance my jawline definition. The combination of nanotechnology and microneedling not only tightened the skin but also sculpted the contours subtly. The results were noticeable yet natural, reflecting the expertise of NSO Lab in delivering precise and effective treatments.

Sophie D. - Facial Brilliance

After experiencing Nano and Microneedling at NSO Lab Wellness Center for facial rejuvenation, I'm utterly impressed. The treatment seamlessly addressed fine lines and dullness. The precision of their approach, combining nanotechnology and microneedling, resulted in a radiant complexion. NSO Lab truly stands at the forefront of skincare innovation!